Michelle C. Sanchez Biography

Michelle Sanchez is a well-accomplished, bilingual lawyer who takes great interest in human rights, public welfare, and immigration reform. She has a strong background specializing in all immigration matters, including but not limited to, removal, employment and family visa processing, asylum, residency and citizenship. Michelle received her Juris Doctor’s degree from St. Thomas University School of Law in 1996. Prior to her law degree, she received a Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in English Literature with a minor in Computer Information Systems from the University of Miami in 1992.





Michelle is currently operating her own boutique law firm in Miami, FL specializing in immigration matters, in regards to criminal-deportation issues, citizenship, asylum, consular processing, employment and family immigration. As President, she represents immigrants in court before immigration judges and officials of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Secondly, she prepares appeals, memorandums of law regarding asylum and cancellation of removal in cases of inadmissibility, battered spouses, and residency. She has been a member of the Florida Bar and the American Immigration Lawyers Association since 1999.





 Michelle will star on Mega TV’s one and only hit show “Agenda del Inmigrante” from (9:30-10 p.m. ET), (8:30-9 p.m. CT), (6:30-7 p.m. PT)  where she will join reporter Sal Morales to keep audiences informed on the latest legal information on immigration by citing recent real life cases that will give people hope to continue with their journey.


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Why Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer?

The immigration process can be one of the most important events in an individual's life. It is a stressful and confusing time, complicated by three government agencies that do not respond to phone calls or letters. An immigration lawyer can help you obtain legal status from the Department of Homeland Security or represent you in Immigration Court.  U.S. immigration law is complex and changes rapidly. Chances are, we have already successfully handled many other cases similar to our potential client's cases.  An immigration lawyer can help you obtain legal status from the Department of Homeland Security or represent you in Immigration Court.

How Can Our Firm Help You?

  • Analyze the facts of your case thoroughly.
  • Explain all the benefits for which you may be eligible.
  • Recommend the best ways for you to obtain legal status.
  • Complete and submit your applications properly.
  • Stay current on the new laws that affect you.
  • Avoid delays and problems with your case whenever possible.
  • Discuss the status of your case with you.
  • Speak for you in discussions with the Department of Homeland Security or represent you in court.
  • File necessary appeals and waivers.
  • Utilize the system to your advantage because he or she has the experience to do so.

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